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In 2022, Apcor published Made In The U.K. – A complete overview of The Beatles’ singles manufactured in the U.K. by Richard Noller in a limited edition of 500 copies. It was an immediate success, necessating a second printing within weeks. It met with great reviews, not just from enthusiastic buyers, but also by trade magazines such as the leading U.K. magazine for record collectors (aptly named Record Collector), who gave it a raving 5-star (out of 5) review and placed it at the same level as books such as Revolution In The Head (Ian Macdonald) and The Complete Recording Sessions (Mark Lewisohn) and named it “an essential addition to the collection”.

Now comes Richard Noller’s new book, Extended Play In The U.K. – A complete overview of The Beatles’ EPs manufactured in the U.K., the logical follow-up and accompaniment to the singles book. Set for publication in early Spring 2024, again, this is a tome (hardback, 500 pages in full colour, nearly 4,300 illustrations!!) with the most detailed information about The Beatles’ EP releases in the U.K. ever gathered in book form, peppered with countless pictures and scans of labels, sleeves, rare documents, timely news reports, acetates, sheet music, test pressings, etc. Even if The Beatles only released 13 Parlophone EP titles during their existence as a band, which this book of course covers in great detail from the very first pressings up to the final releases from the CD era, there are in-depth discussions about the EPs released on other labels, planned but unreleased EPs, BBC Transcription discs, virtual EPs made available on streaming services, an exhaustive coverage of the Irish EPs (including every known label variation), an illustrated chapter on foreign EPs modeled after the U.K. titles, a gallery of EPs with “songs they gave away”, a complete overview of U.K. EP sleeves used in other countries, a chapter on Bootleg EPs and much, much more. As a bonus there is a chapter on new 45 (singles) findings, uncovered since the publication of the Made In The U.K. book two years ago*.

This book will, like the Made In The U.K. book did for The Beatles’ U.K. singles releases, stand as the final word on the Fab Four’s U.K. EP releases.

With the recent revived interest in The Beatles through their ‘last single’ Now and Then (all formats also extensively covered in the additional singles chapter), this is the perfect time to invest in this new book. Recently, Apcor’s limited edition books have realized some astronomical prices on sales platforms (a copy of Mach Schau! realized over $2,000 on eBay in April 2023!) so, not only will this book serve as a standard work for the future, an investment in an Apcor Book seems like a very good idea anyway!

This is a limited edition, so act fast to avoid disappointment.

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