What to do in case of a damaged package?

In the unlikely case that you have received a damaged package from Apcor, please follow the instructions mentioned below. We, of course, want to reimburse you for any damage, but since we are only a very small company and we don’t have all the (tax and postage) advantages companies like Amazon have, nor the means or the possibilities to immediately send you a replacement without any further ado, we politely ask you to work together with us in case your item arrives damaged.

What we ask you to do in case of a damaged package:

  1. Please make at least three photos showing the damaged packing, including one photo on which the tracking number is clearly visible.
  2. Please make at least three photos showing the damaged article.
  3. Please file a claim with your local Post Office. Yes, they do have forms for this in any country in the world, and, yes, they are trying to discourage you by stating such forms do not exist. Believe us, they do. Please fill out this form, have it signed by a PO employee and send us a scan.
    IMPORTANT for US customers
    Please check here how to claim for loss or damage at USPS. 

If you send us the photos and a scan or photo of the damage form, at info@apcor.net, we can immediately send you a replacement for the damaged item(s) or a refund. If we do not receive either of these photos or forms, we will not be reimbursed by PostNL (and even if we will, it will be a fraction of the sales value) and we, as a small company, simply can not afford a lot of such mishaps.

Be assured we’re doing all we can to pack your items as solidly as possible, but also understand that quite often postal parcels are being mistreated in ways no one can comprehend, so don’t blame such incidents on us and please work with us to reach a solution that is satisfactory for you and for us.