APRIL 2018

Exactly 48 years ago two gifted young songwriters from Livingston, New Jersey named Jimmer Glynn and Alan Rackin came to England in order to audition for Apple – following an invitation by Derek Taylor six weeks earlier. On 1 April 1970, they duly arrived in London and were welcomed by Derek, who encouraged them to make some demos. A few days later, on 11 April, they returned to 3 Savile Row to present an albums’ worth of recordings. By then The Beatles had broken up and so did Jimmer and Alan’s dream to be signed. Until now, no one outside a small circle has heard those recordings. By kind permission of Jimmer Glynn, Apcor Books and Records proudly presentsFar Away Country Day – The Complete Apple Demos – an excellent batch of catchy folky tunes not unlike the sort of music George Harrison would later be attracted to, by Splinter.

Pre-order Apcor’s first ever LP now for only 20 Euro + s&h but you better be quick. The LP is strictly limited to 300 copies only (each one numbered) and they’ll sure be gone in the blink of an eye!

What shall I do when I don’t have a turntable some of you might well ask. Well, even though we are vinyl purists, we do know that many of you only consume digital music. That’s why we offer a download code for the whole album in high resolution with every LP.

If you have already pre-ordered George Peckham’s book and now decide to get Far Away Country Day as well, you don’t have to pay any additional postage! Also, if you pre-order both George’s book and the LP, you’ll be only charged once for s&h.

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Hello everyone, here’s another update from Apcor HQ. Change Is Now sang the mighty Byrds in 1968, well, there have been plenty of changes. First of all, Apcor HQ has switched from Germany to The Netherlands. We have decided to relieve Axel of his administrative duties so he can concentrate on the writing of what will be Volume 3 of A Is For Apple, which is good news as we think it is anticipated highly. This also means that shipping of all Apcor product will be done from The Netherlands from now on (although most of the shipping came from there already). One other advantage is that we can ship all items with PostNL which has proven to be a reliable partner in the past year (more so than a few German postal services we’ve used earlier, we regret to say….). Apcor has now registered as a company in The Netherlands and has been entered in the Chamber of Commerce files (KvK 69973806) as a legal entity. Also, the website you all knew (and loved, hopefully),, has been shut down and replaced by this new one which is even better (we think!), so please adapt your bookmarks to:

And last, but by no means least, we are proud to announce that the finishing touches are being applied to George Peckham’s autobiography, called Porky’s Prime Cuts, and that it can be pre-ordered from the new website now! If you’re wondering who George Peckham is, or what his relation to Apple and/or The Beatles is, at the end of this Newsletter we include the press blurb for the book. The book details George’s life and career in a way that can only be described as hilariously funny, shocking (at times), entertaining, uplifting, touching and informative. It’s a great read and is filled with images from very rare items from George’s private archive which have never been seen before, such as photos, acetates, autographs, etc. George graciously let us go through his archive last year and let us scan and photograph whatever we thought we would need for the book, which has turned out very nice indeed. It should be at the printers’ in a few weeks and we expect to start shipping in May 2018.
This edition will be limited to 500 copies worldwide, all hand-signed by George Peckham, so to avoid disappointment, order now from!

Until next time!
Axel and Ed

Porky Prime Cuts press blurb:
Led Zeppelin I, Imagine (John Lennon), All Things Must Pass (George Harrison), Last Exit (Traffic), Look At Yourself (Uriah Heep), The Concert for Bangla Desh, Made In Japan (Deep Purple), Volume 4 (Black Sabbath), Living In The Past (Jethro Tull), Selling England By The Pound (Genesis), Armed Forces (Elvis Costello), Fear Of Music (The Talking Heads), Powerage (AC/DC). All classic albums of the 1970s and all have one thing in common: The masters for these records were all cut by one man. His name is George Peckham, also known by his two nicknames Pecko and Porky. Many, many records in the 1970s until his retirement in the 1990s were cut by him, for such diverse artists as Elvis Costello, Joy Division, Public Image Limited, Madness, Motörhead, Scritti Politti – too many to mention.
Mastering a record means the engineer transfers the master tape of the recording onto an acetate disc as loud as possible and to make it sound as good as possible, with the help of some equalization. George Peckham is considered the top in his field along with Robert Ludwig, Greg Calbi and Bernie Grundman. Records which carry the stamp of these cutters are regarded by vinyl collectors as the best ever. George Peckham’s cuts literally carried his stamp, his productions were always inscribed in the dead wax (i.e. run-out groove) of every disc he was involved in – his trade mark of quality.
This is the autobiography of George Peckham, born in Liverpool in 1942. George, like so many English kids in the early 1960s, was inspired by the skiffle craze and early beat movement to pick up a guitar to form a group, as they were then called. George formed a group called The Renegades in the early 1960s in Liverpool. When that band broke up, George joined The Pawns who were quite successful with tours in Germany and in and around their hometown. After a short stint with Lee Curtis and his All Stars, George was asked to join The Fourmost with which he recorded two singles and performed all over Europe. Around this time George got more and more interested in the technical side of the record business (recording and engineering techniques) and when The Beatles formed their Apple company George was hired as a trainee cutting engineer to Malcolm Davies in November 1968. In 1970 George joined George Harrison to New York to help him with the mastering of George’s legendary All Things Must Pass album. In 1971 George and a couple of Apple employees formed a band called Matchbox with which he recorded a few songs and performed on British TV. This project, however, was short-lived and George was promoted to balancing engineer for Apple Records in January 1972. He remained with Apple until April 1973, when he decided to start up his own mastering company called The Master Room, which operated until the late 1990’s, when he decided to retire.
This, then, is his life story and it is hilariously funny, sad at times, revealing, uplifting, shocking, fascinating and never boring. A life full of sex (a lot), drugs (a little) and rock & roll (more than enough) is described in an entertaining style in a book you just can’t lay down. Spiced up with photos and documents from George’s own collection, this is the only true story of a man who became a legend in his own lifetime as the man who mastered so many classic records we still enjoy today.

George Peckham and the Apcor men, February 2017.


At the time, we at Apcor are working hard on putting the finishing touches to George Peckham’s autobiography Porky’s Prime Cuts, which can now be pre-ordered (go to our Shop or the Porky page) while of course work is underway for A Is For Apple Volume 3 as well as a couple of other projects.

In the meantime, here are two legendary persons promoting A Is For Apple Volume 2:

One of the very few women who has ever had the privilege of singing on a Beatles record: None other than Lizzie Bravo from Brazil, whose voice graced the ‘Wild Life version’ of The Beatles’ Across The Universe.
Mr. Stephen Friedland, aka the mighty mighty Brute Force whose sole Apple single King of Fuh (Apple 8) has gained legendary status among Beatles and Apple collectors….. (Risking a hernia while balancing the 3,2 kilo book on his head!).