Apcor history

2014 – Apcor is formed by two Beatles/Apple maniacs, Axel Korinth and Ed Dieckmann. Later joined by Antonio Caroselli.

April 2015 – Release of book A Is For Apple Volume 1 in a limited edition of 500 copies. All copies come with a free single with two Jackie Lomax recordings (Land Of People c/w Is This What You Want -demo-, Apcor 1). The first 250 copies of the book come with an extra flexi disc containing The Iveys Christmas Record (Apcor F1). Edition sells out within a month after release.

December 2015 – Release of book Who’s The Redhead On The Roof…? (My Life With The Beatles), the autobiography by Kevin Harrington, ex-roadie who worked with the Beatles and George Harrison. Limited edition of 500 copies, all hand-signed by Kevin Harrington. First 250 copies come with free photographic print of Kevin and The Beatles on the Apple HQ roof in January 1969.

April 2016 – Release of charity single Lu la Le Lu, featuring Klaus Voormann‘s original demo recording on Side A and Wishful Thinking’s version on Side 2. All proceeds go to IHA (Intereuropean Human Aid Association). The first 250 (of 1,000 copies) are signed by Klaus Voormann (Apcor 2).

April 2017 – Release of book A Is For Apple Volume 2 in a limited edition of 800 copies. All copies come with a free EP with four Slow Dog recordings (Little Girl – Take Off   c/w I Have No Answers – She’s Got Love, Apcor 3). The first 500 copies of the book come with an extra 7″ vinyl single, containing recordings taken from Apple acetates (Jackie Lomax – The Millionaire c/w Grenville & Weston – Aeroplane, Apcor 4), also made available separately.

April 2017 – Second edition of book A Is For Apple Volume 1 in a limited reprint of 300 copies. All copies come with a free 7″ single (Just Living Our Lives – Robert & Miles Priestley c/w Ev’rything’s Al’right – unknown band, Apcor 5).

September 2017 – Release of CD A Is For Acetates (Apcor CD1), a CD with Apple related recordings (demos, acetates, tapes) running over 71 minutes and containing 20 tracks. Limited edition of 500 copies.

May 2018 – Release date of book Porky’s Prime Cuts, Apple cutter George Peckham’s autobiography in a limited run of 300 signed copies worldwide.

June 2018 – Apcor’s first vinyl LP by Jimmer Glynn and Alan Rackin, The Complete Apple Demos is released in a limited run of 300 numbered copies.

October 2018 – Apcor teams up with Apple recording artist Brute Force (known for the Apple single ‘King Of Fuh’ (Apple 8); the rarest Apple in existence. With a musical contribution from Apcor’s Ed and three generations of Friedlands (Brute, Lilah and Aro) taking care of the cover art. The single gets allotted the Apcor 8 release number in ‘honour’ of Apple 8. I Love You So Muchism is released in a worldwide edition of 500 copies with every copy signed by Brute Force.

November 2018 – Release date of a 10″ LP with all existing demos Jack Hollingshead cut for Apple in 1968. King Of Carnaby (Apcor LP02) is being released in a limited edition of 300 copies.

March 2019 – Release of Robin Millar’s Cat’s Eyes LP (300 copies) and CD (500 copies), recorded at Apple Studios and never before issued.

May 2019 – Release date for a very limited reissue of Jimmer Glynn/Alan Racker’s LP Far Away Country Day – The Complete Apple Demos, front cover signed by Jimmer Glynn and issued in a limited run of 100 copies on silver coloured vinyl.

June 2019 – Release date for Trevor Bannister’s book and CD package, Lovers From The Sky – A Personal Memoir From The 60s….and Beyond. An edition of 400 copies, all signed by Trevor Bannister.