A word on shipping, handling and tax

How come postage and handling are so expensive?” and “Why do I have to pay tax on my order?” are questions which are regularly asked. We agree full heartedly that the cost of postage is exorbitant, but there is nothing we can do about it. Let us give a short insight how we have arrived at the shipping and handling costs.

We have to pay a standard fee on all packages. On top of this fee comes an additional fee based on the weight of the parcels. As you know, our books are quite heavy (up to 5 kilos), so this fee is considerable, not mentioning the fact that PostNL has increased their rates this year once again. Not only that, but on top of this there now also is an additional ‘energy fee’ also based on weight, which we have to pay.

We ship our books in heavy duty cardboard packaging and bubble envelopes. Due to the risen cost of raw materials plus the fact we now use the strongest, sturdiest packaging, this comes at a price.

As a registered company we are obliged to pay taxes on all of the products shipped to individual customers within the EU, based on each country’s rate. So, unless you are a registered company based in the EU with a VAT number, we have no choice but to charge VAT.

We assure you that we do everything we can to keep the cost of shipping and handling at a minimum, but we are bound by cost price, shipping fees and tax laws.