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AvailableBook9783000556951Book A is For Apple Volume 2
AvailableBook9789082843439Book Vinylology The Beatles Solo
AvailableBook APCOR CD03 + BBook incl. CD Lovers From The Sky (Trevor Bannister)
Sold outBook9789082843446The Beatles Mach Schau in Hamburg
Sold outBook9789082843408Book Porky's Prime Cuts
Sold outBook9789082843422Book A Is For Apple Volume 3: The De-Klein
Sold outBook9783000478338Book A Is for Apple Volume 1
Sold outBook9783000509230Book Who is the redhead on the roof
AvailableCDAPCOR CD02CD Cat's Eyes (Robin Millar)
AvailableCDAPCOR CD03CD Lovers From The Sky (Trevor Bannister)
AvailableCDAPCOR CD04CD Stormer DeLuxe Edition
Sold outCDAPCOR CD1CD A is for acetates
AvailableDVDAPCOR DVD01DVD July August 1969 London Esher Liverpool
AvailableLP APCOR LP01SLP The complete Apple Demos (Jimmer Glynn & Alan Rackin) SIGNED / SILVER VINYL
AvailableLP APCOR LP0210" LP King of Carnaby (Jack Hollingshead)
AvailableLP APCOR LP0312" LP Cat's Eyes (Robin Millar)
Sold outLP APCOR LP01LP The complete Apple demos (Jimmer Glynn & Alan Rackin)
AvailableSingleAPCOR 27" Single Lu La Le Lu (Klaus Voormann/Wishful Thinking)
AvailableSingleAPCOR 37" Single Slow Dog EP
AvailableSingleAPCOR 47" Single The Millionaire (Jackie Lomax) / AEROPLANE (Grenville & Weston)
AvailableSingleAPCOR 57" Single Just Living Our Lives (Robert & Miles Priestley) / Ev'rything's Al'right (Unknown band)
AvailableSingleAPCOR 67" Single Bad Weather
AvailableSingleAPCOR 87" Single I love you so muchism (Brute Force)
Sold outSingleAPCOR 17" Single Land of people
Sold outSingleAPCOR F17" Single Iveys Xmas disc