Major delivery problems US

As published on our website we started shipping the first edition of our book Made in the U.K. on January 19. Recently, some of our US customers contacted us to ask about the status of their parcel. Last week we contacted PostNL to ask for clarification.
PostNL told us that a number of parcels destined for the US has not actually left our country yet. They have no real explanation for this, but their assumption is that this is due to new, stricter customs regulations taking place on Schiphol Airport. They are working with Dutch customs to try to urge them to ship the parcels asap. But PostNL informed us that also US customs are currently causing major delays, up to 90 days (!).

This is a horrible situation for all of us. You as our customers waiting for the book you ordered and paid for, but also for us. We feel powerless because this is truly beyoud our control.

We hope that PostNL will solve this problem and your parcels will be in transit to the US as soon as possible. PostNL has asked us to ask US customers who haven’t received their book yet to contact USPS to ask for the current status of the parcel. You can track the whereabouts of your parcel on:

Please be patient. You can always contact us by for the current status. And we would like to ask you not to start up PayPal claims as this is only causing us a lot of extra work and is not helping the situation. We guarantuee that you will receive your copy, even if it takes longer than expected.