April 2017 – All copies of the second edition of the book A Is For Apple Volume 1 came with a free 7″single (Just Living Our Lives – Robert & Miles Priestley (Apple Publishing) c/w Ev’rything’s Al’right – unknown band, as found on an Apple acetate, Apcor 5), which was also made available separately. Robert and Miles Priestley were signed as songwriters to Apple Publishing but other than a handful of song titles they composed and found in the Apple Publishing files and the odd demo acetate, none of their songs ever went on to success and the brothers vanished into obscurity. The song Just Living Our Lives was found on an Apple Publishing acetate and was never released officially. The B-side of this single features the well-known Mojos song Ev’rything’s Al’right recorded by an unknown band and found on an Apple acetate, most likely recorded at the Apple Studios in the early 1970s.

Netherlands€ 8,00€ 4,50
Europe Zone 1€ 8,00€ 7,50
Europe Zone 2€ 8,00€ 7,50
Italy€ 8,00€ 12,30 (registered)