October 2018 – Who’s back at 78 doing a 45? Brute Force, that’s who. The legendary singer/songwriter, Token, Columbia and Apple artist is looking at the sometimes dark era we live in. He has found a NEW RELIGION which suggests LOVE, our love for one another, is the WAY to worship… Apcor is proud to present Brute Force’s first vinyl single in almost 47 years! I Love You So Muchism and Conjugation To Love. Here’s LOVE newly wrapped, a gift for all generations… when Brute Force at 78 became 45. Released in a limited edition of 500 copies, each copy comes in a handcrafted letterpress picture cover, designed and manufactured by Daughter Of Force, Lilah Friedland, and is signed personally by The King Of Fuh, Brute Force! Apple 8 these days goes for upwards of £3,000 (and there’s more of those than there are of Apcor 8!) so you do the math !
Netherlands€ 15,00€ 4,50
Europe Zone 1€ 15,00€ 7,50
Europe Zone 2€ 15,00€ 7,50
Italy€ 15,00€ 12,30 (registered)