Hurry ’cause it’s going fast

Apcor’s latest title, Made In The U.K. – A Complete Overview Of The Beatles’ Singles Manufactured In The U.K., which we premiered on 1 January and which will ship on 18 January, is a very quick seller. So quick, in fact, that at the time of writing there are less than 100 copies left. A big thank you goes to the people at Parlogram Auctions who, in their latest video, feature our new book. You can watch this video here. In fact, you should subscribe to their YouTube channel as it is by far the most informative Beatles channel out there!
We have prepared a short feature where you can see some sample pages of this superb book.

If you haven’t yet ordered this title, which will undoubtedly go down in history as the definitive guide to The Beatles’ U.K. singles output, do yourself a favour and order the book today from our webshop.