February 2020 – Apple act White Trash was in the process of recording material for a possible album release on The Beatles’ label when Allen Klein pulled the plug on several projects, including this one. Thanks to our very own Antonio Caroselli, who graciously shared a recording of his Apple acetate, we are now able to present the only known surviving completed track of these sessions as a 7” vinyl single release, housed in a superb Picture Sleeve! The track, Bad Weather, was also recorded by Scottish band The Poets (which at one point featured future White Trash guitarist Fraser Watson) whose line-up included the song’s composer Hugh Nicholson, who went on to join The Marmalade. This recording, lent to us by Lenny Helsing (of Ugly Things magazine), is featured on the B-side of this 7” vinyl single. Individual copies of the single have been made available for separate purchase (Apcor 6).

Netherlands€ 15,00€ 4,50
Europe Zone 1€ 15,00€ 7,50
Europe Zone 2€ 15,00€ 7,50
Italy€ 15,00€ 12,30 (registered)