LP – Cat’s Eyes

Apcor LP03 – Cat’s Eyes March 2019 – In 1974, a young artist by the name of Robin Millar entered The Beatles’ Apple Studios to record his first solo album. The LP was to be produced by Rolling Stone Mick Taylor, who also happened to be Robin’s brother-in-law at that time. Both men worked hard

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LP – Far away country day

Apcor LP01S – FAR AWAY COUNTRY DAY May 2019 – In May 1970, two gifted young songwriters from Livingston, New Jersey named Jimmer Glynn and Alan Rackin came to England in order to audition for Apple – following an invitation by Derek Taylor six weeks earlier. On 1 April 1970, they duly arrived in London

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LP – King of Carnaby

Apcor LP02 – KING OF CARNABY November 2018 – Terry Doran signed Jack Hollingshead to Apple Publishing in January 1968 for a period of 1 year for an advance payment of £20. Jack submitted ten songs to the label. He cut his demos, probably, at The Beatles 94 Baker Street studio and Apcor, by kind

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