CD – Cat’s eyes

Apcor CD02 – CAT’S EYES March 2019 – Release of Robin Millar’s Cat’s Eyes CD (500 copies, Apcor CD02), recorded at Apple Studios and never before issued (Also available on splattered 12″ vinyl LP). In 1974, a young artist by the name of Robin Millar entered The Beatles’ Apple Studios to record his first solo album. The

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CD – Stormer unreleased album

Apcor CD04 – STORMER UNRELEASED ALBUM February 2020 – Stormer were a West Yorkshire-based band who were signed to Ringo Starr’s Ring O’Records label and had one single released on the label before it folded. Stormer had already finished a complete album to be released on Ring O, but this never got beyond the test

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Single – Bad weather

Apcor 6 – BAD WEATHER February 2020 – Apple act White Trash was in the process of recording material for a possible album release on The Beatles’ label when Allen Klein pulled the plug on several projects, including this one. Thanks to our very own Antonio Caroselli, who graciously shared a recording of his Apple

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