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from Germany was born in 1985 and first started to study the Beatles’ work when Anthology 1 came out in 1995. Having read everything about the Beatles he could get hold of he started writing for the leading German fanzine A Ticket To Write in 2005 about diverse topics such as theGet Back Sessions, their first tour through Scotland and former Beatle Chas Newby. For his extensive researches he usually unearthed musicians and other contemporary witnesses – some of whom were never previously been consulted. An article about Stuart Sutcliffe’s concerts with a German group called The Bats (as published in The British Beatles Fan Club Magazine) even caught the attention of the Sutcliffe Estate. During his work for the A Ticket To Write he met fellow contributor Thorsten Knublauch. In 2008, they published Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand – Die Beatles in Deutschland 1960-1970, the definite tome about the Beatles’ time in Germany as well as a DVD about their 1966 concerts in Munich. In 2009 Axel and Thorsten edited The Beatles – Die Audiostory, an audiobook by Thomas Bleskin. This was followed in 2011 by Rock Show – Die (Ex-) Beatles in Deutschland 1971-1980, authored by Axel alone about the ex-Beatles’ visits to Germany during the Seventies. He also contributed toWay Beyond Compare: The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, Volume One, 1957-1965 (John C. Winn 2008), The Beatles: Fact And Fiction (Eric Krasker, 2009), The Bravo-Beatles-Blitztournee – Five Days Of Beatlemania In Germany, June 1966 (Thorsten Knublauch, 2009), George Harrison Solo (Andreas Rohde, 2013), The Beatles – All These Years: Tune In (Mark Lewisohn, 2013). Besides writing about the Beatles he also plays guitar and used to sing and compose for Coke Pepper and The Cranking Self with whom he released two EPs. He works as a bookseller and lives with his wife and two children in Franconia.


from The Netherlands was born in 1958 and became a Beatles fan at a young age, in 1964. Some ten years later he seriously started collecting all Beatles items he could lay his hands on and another ten years later the Apple bug also caught him real seriously. Nowadays he owns what is undoubtedly one of Europe’s largest collections of Beatles and Apple records and related items. Besides collecting, in his little spare time he plays guitar and has done so for a few decades, having been the singer, guitarist and songwriter in The Crocats, who were the leading rockabilly band in Holland in the 1990s, with more than 1,000 gigs and three full albums to their name and various tracks on compilation albums. In the last two decades, he and leading Dutch Beatles dealer Franck Leenheer have produced a number of discographies which can be considered the ultimate in their field: The Beatles Made In Holland (1996) and Made In Holland Too (1997), a set of books covering all of the Beatles and Apple records produced and issued in The Netherlands; The International Dark Horse & Ring O’Records Discography (2002, revised 2004) covering the two ex-Beatles’ own labels plus George Harrison: Dark Horse And Beyond (2004), a comprehensive worldwide discography of George’s output on his Dark Horse label. As well as producing these books, he has contributed to numerous other Beatles books, such as Azing Moltmaker’s books, Samuel Coomans’ Illustrated Beatles Discographies From Around The World as well as The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide Third Edition(Augsburger/Eck/Rann, 1997), George Harrison El Hombre Invisible (Tarazona/Gil, 1999), The Beatles In Belgium! (Renaat Develtere, 2008), Beatles For Sale On Parlophone Records (Bruce Spizer, 2011) and An Overview Of Australian Beatles Records (Jaesen Jones, 2012) and The Beatles – All These Years: Tune In (Mark Lewisohn, 2013). Together with a German collector he runs the website which is the ultimate illustrated worldwide Apple Records (plus Dark Horse and Ring O’Records) discography.

Contributing writer: Antonio Caroselli

from Italy was born in 1957 and was hit by Beatlemania on 23 December 1964 when his late aunt Giulia presented him with a copy of an unusual single: My Bonnie / Ya Ya on his seventh birthday. Even if three years old, this record sounded like nothing heard so far and that was the beginning of an endless string of record buying/playing/re-buying/collecting. In 1968 he became an Apple maniac, too, and in July 1971 he started writing to Apple Records in London on a monthly basis to inquire about forthcoming and obscure releases, thus getting in return lots of ever expanding Apple catalogues and nice promo items. Aged 15, in July 1973 he visited London for the first time and had a chance to enter the second Apple headquarters at 54 St. James’s Street. More and more European and worldwide contacts allowed him to expand his collection so as to cover all five continents. Starting from 1999 he wrote articles on the Italian Apple LPs for the Italian RARO! monthly magazine (Issue #100, May 1999 and Issue #104, October 1999) followed by articles about Brute Force’s King Of Fuh single and the Aspen 7 British Box for the USA Beatlefan fanzine (Issue #125, Vol.21, No.5 July-August 2000 ), Beatlefan/PLUS! and the German Beatlemania fanzine (Issue #96, 3/2000 and Issue #97, 4/2000). Moreover he has contributed to The Paul McCartney 7″ Discography Volume 1 (2009) and The Paul McCartney 7″ Discography Volume 2 (2013) compiled by Markus Den Boer and is currently working on the biography of Stephen Friedland (a.k.a. Brute Force). For its 2010 reissue campaign Apple Records reproduced several items from his collection in the booklets of Come And Get It – The Best Of Apple Records and Mary Hopkin’s Post Card CDs. As regards the latter, a recording of Fields Of St. Etienne taken from his copy of the original Apple 16 test pressing record allowed Apple to track down the exact master tape for this unreleased version to be featured in the Post Card CD. In his spare time he still plays a bit of guitar (mostly acoustic), which he learned in 1974 to impress his wife-to-be Amalia, also to amuse his daughter Anya.

Contributing writer: Sara Schmidt

is a 2nd generation Beatles fan who has been stricken by Beatlemania since the late 1980’s. She runs the popular Beatles blog, Meet The Beatles For Real, and is the author of the book Happiness is seeing the Beatles: Beatlemania in St. Louis. She has spoken about the Beatles at the Fest for Beatle fans in Chicago and New York and Beatles at the Ridge in Arkansas as well as local museums and libraries. Sara lives right outside of St. Louis, Missouri in the United States where she teaches reading at an elementary school.

Editor: Michael Carpenter

has been a collector of Beatles records and memorabilia for over forty years. In addition, as a left-handed bass player, he writes and records his own music. He is an American who currently resides in the United Kingdom, where he has one wife and a daughter who loves the Beatles (along with ABBA and Queen, despite his best efforts!).


Graphic artist: Ronnie Dannelley

is a 5th-generation Texan was born in 1964 and became a Beatles fanatic after finding his father’s mono copy of Rubber Soul in the garage in 1975. Since then, he has collected anything Beatles. In 1981 he made the pilgrimage to England to spend a day with Allan Williams in Liverpool, later visiting Abbey Road and Paul’s house on Cavendish Avenue. His love of rock and roll soon expanded to playing/writing and he has played in many rock bands over the years. His love of sketching parodies in grade school was taken to the next level when he discovered Photoshop. With a love of graphics and music, he started Ear Candy Mag in 1999, getting to interview some of his childhood rock and roll heroes! Over the years he has designed posters, CD covers, album covers, 45 covers, and of course three book covers for Apcor. With a degree in Architecture, he currently works for an Atlanta, Georgia firm.