We asked some of the people who we have collaborated with these past few years to sum up their experiences of working with Apcor and this is what they had to say:

“The largest bump in the road of course is what it is, a vinyl record. As we know the music industry is mostly digital, 10,000 songs, for instance, on a Smartphone.
And lots of turn tables are gathering dust in the garage. So what? WE DID IT!! Everyone has done a great job. I and Lilah, Aro and Wolfy have nothing but praise for our new friends and business colleagues in Netherlands and Germany.
Without formally meeting each other( which I hope will change in future)
we have done a miraculous job at collaboration. How so? How was this a miraculous collaboration? After listening to a post I placed on Facebook the beginning basic track was started by Ed, and brilliantly so, through his 12 string guitar, and bass playing and Indian percussion, and drone sampling.
As we found a way to separate tracks and work with ProTools I continued production in NYC, and added voices and western percussion/cymbal, finally mixing the track.
Then we created the package, another small miracle of collaboration. Apcor took many changes to the label from me with ease. Lilah, at her shop, Invisible Hand, handprinted the cover. Here she met with paper type and size specifications to meet Apcor’s template. Many changes. And the photo was taken at a blackboard at Grandson of Force Aro’s elementary school. Aro himself drew an illustration of hearts to blend with the lyric sheet of two love songs. His Dad, Wolfy, an artist, guided him during the project. Brute drew a 2 sided insert briefly describing the beginning of I Love You So Muchism. with an original illustration joining a treble sign and a heart (lovemusic). Considering that this song was written in 1967 I view it as an astronomer might view the light from a distant star.
On behalf of the Friedland Family we are happy to work with you, and express our gratitude for your generosity. We look forward to extending our creative presence, and mutual interests in the world with Apcor”.

Stephen Friedland for BRUTE FORCE ®, 13 December 2018

“Without Apcor publishing I would most probably not have been able to see my small book in hard copy, the finished product is as good as they said it would be and they were a pleasure to do business with”.

Kevin Harrington, 18 December 2018

“My experience with Apcor has been very fair, productive and stress free. Everything was explained for me to understand,the art work was fantastic, in keeping with the period in which the songs were written. It could be a daunting task to release such a nostalgic and crucial record of a loved one’s artistry but it has been made so easy by your hard-working, passionate and professional approach and Jack would have been so pleased”.

Trina Grygiel, 20 December 2018

“Of course my experience with both you guys has been nothing but very satisfying and the final LP including the great mastering and art work was very impressive and of course I’m so grateful on behalf of my deceased partner Alan Rackin that you guys deemed our little obscure Apple Records audition worthy of your time, money and sweat to get together and release”.

Jimmer Glynn, 12 January 2019

“Everyone loves the quality of the sleeve and the pressing. Great Job. After all this time it’s great to have a proper memory of this”.

Robin Millar, 7 July 2019