Book “A Is For Apple Volume 2: The Winter of Discontent (Jan-Mar 1969)”

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If Apple goes on losing money at this rate, we’ll all be broke in six months,“ said John Lennon in early 1969. The winter of 1969 for the Beatles and Apple was, as George Harrison put it so aptly, a Winter of Discontent. The long sessions at Twickenham and later at Apple took their toll on the Beatles who were already slightly burned out from the White Album sessions the previous year. While Paul was the one to try and get something, anything, together for the Beatles, the other three were not so gung-ho anymore to go along with the Paul-instigated Beatles projects. George had just spent nearly a month in the USA, jamming with various musicians and having a great time, John was immersed in Yoko and a dependence on stuff somewhat stronger than a reefer and Ringo seemed to be more interested in his upcoming role in The Magic Christian movie.

Volume 2 of A Is For Apple was issued in April 2017 and covers the Get Back sessions and Mary and Jackie’s albums in great detail. The Yellow Submarine album takes up more than 60 pages by itself. Volume 2 covers the period of January to March 1969. And while everyone will be familiar with the aforementioned releases, maybe not in such great detail, Volume 2 also offers information on lesser known Apple acts from this epoch, such as John Surman, Mike Westbrook, Mike Cooper, the Misunderstood, Flamma Sherman, Stefan Grossman, Peter Cooper, Slow Dog and John Fitch.

Volume 2 has a chapter on Timothy Travel, a puppet series produced by Apple, which didn’t progress beyond a pilot episode and is more or less totally forgotten. Allen Klein’s reign is just around the corner and John and Yoko are busy making their Rape movie. (White) Trash issue their superb Road To Nowhere single and Brute Force’s King of Fuh is being picked up by George Harrison. Two Virgins gets its USA release and a four album pack of Beatles hits gets nixed before release. Bubble Puppy, Mary Jane Bann’d and Stone Down are all nearly signed by Apple while The Iveys go on national TV. John and Yoko stage their first Bed-In in Amsterdam and Paul records with The Fourmost. The amount of day-to-day activities related to Apple in these three months is astounding. All this is covered in great detail in Volume 2 of A Is For Apple, which is full of rare photos, documents and record labels and sleeves. You will find discographies on Billy Preston, Jackie Lomax and Doris Troy before they joined Apple. You will find images of every original disc the Beatles covered during the Get Back sessions. You will find detailed information and images of every Apple published and Apple related disc released during the first quarter of 1969. You will find a complete overview of every recording, be it audio or video, made during the Beatles’ sessions at Twickenham and Apple.

Slow Dog were a band that won a talent contest organized by Apple in Cambridgeshire and were destined to be signed by Apple. Why this didn’t work out in the end is all revealed in A Is For Apple Volume 2. Four of the band’s recordings made around the time of the contest have been included on an EP exclusively available with this book, kindly donated to us by Dave Kelly from Slow Dog, marking the first time these recordings were ever officially released!

  • Dimensions: H x W x D = 30,5 x 21,5 x 5 cms. (12.2″ x 8.6″ x 2″)
  • Weight: 3,2 kilos
  • 720 pages printed in full colour on glossy paper
  • 2,948 images of records, sleeves, sheet music, newspaper articles, rare documents and photos
  • Fully illustrated discographies of all US and UK releases as well as all worldwide first pressings
  • Hard cover
  • Limited, numbered edition of 800 copies
  • Release date: April 2017
  • Plus an exclusive 7″ vinyl EP with four previously unreleased recordings by Slow Dog (Apcor 3)


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Shindig #73, 2018

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