Book “A Is For Apple Vol. 1: 1966-1968” [second edition] SOLD OUT


Originally issued in 2015, the first run of 500 copies of this book sold out within a month and ever since, people have been asking for a reprint. With the release of Volume 2 of this series in 2017, it was decided to simultaneously reissue Volume 1 in a strictly limited series of 300 copies worldwide.

When the Beatles ceased touring in 1966 the Apple seed was planted. Within a year they would form their own company, pursue first solo outings and inevitably slide towards their split. It’s unbelievable but true that the complete story of Apple and the events connected with it have never been told before. Until now! A Is For Apple is a multiple volume series covering the most complete story of Apple ever assembled with the help of musicians, composers and employees associated with the company, as well as a saga of the final Beatles years and formative solo years. Vol. 1 tells the story of how Apple came together. It starts in late Summer 1966 with Lennon and McCartney’s first solo projects, How I Won The War and The Family Way, running over to 1967 when the first ever multimedia corporation became reality with the foundation of Apple Publishing, Apple Retail and Apple Electronics and finally to 1968 when Apple Records topped the charts nearly everywhere. But even before the phenomenal success of Hey Jude and Those Were The Days Apple published some wonderful music on other labels such as Decca, RCA and Reaction. Many of the artists behind those incredible records have never told their stories before. Until now! 

“A useful guidebook for the small group of aficionados that appreciate the finer details of this endlessly fascinating chapter in Fab Four history.” (Flashback Magazine)

“A Is For Apple is an impressive accomplishment and an essential reference book for anyone with an obsession for all things Beatles.” (The 910)

“I can’t believe how much material is here! Hopefully, I can consume this entire Apple by the time the next volume falls from the tree.” (Beatlefan)

And those were only some of the praises bestowed on Volume 1 of A Is For Apple, the first in a series of what originally was envisaged to become a three-part, then a four-part series of books on the Beatles’ ill-fated business empire. But the amount of investigation, documents, interviews and scans of rare records and other memorabilia has literally created a monster of ever-increasing proportions. What to do with all the information and visuals that we amassed in the almost two years after Volume 1 was published? To be honest, we initially envisaged Volume 2 to cover all of 1969 and even perhaps 1970. It was pretty early on during the preparations for this book that we realized this would not work out. And rather than offering a condensed and perhaps watered-down version of all the material we found, we have decided to publish it all, no holds barred, no prisoners taken. We feel we have only one shot at doing this and we want to do this right, and we want to do it right now!

Originally, Volume 1 came with a two-sided disc with two previously unheard Jackie Lomax demos, but due to agreements we had with Jackie, a reprint of that single was no longer an option. Instead, we are proud to be able to offer two previously unreleased Apple recordings on a free vinyl single with the reprint, one of which is an Apple published song by Miles and Robert Priestley (who are also featured on one of RPM’s great Apple published acts compilations, 94 Baker Street Revisited), while the B-side is a version of Ev’rything’s Al’right by the Mojos performed by an unknown group and found on an Apple acetate. Of course the buyers of the original Volume 1 -and everyone else, for that matter- have the opportunity to buy this single as well.

  • Dimensions: H x W x D = 30,5 x 21,5 x 5 cms. (12.2″ x 8.6″ x 2″)
  • Weight: 3,1 kilos
  • 692 pages in full color printed on heavy stock glossy paper
  • 471 images of records, sleeves, sheet music, newspaper articles, rare documents and photos
  • Hard cover
  • Limited, numbered edition of 300 reprint copies
  • Release date: April 2017
  • Plus an exclusive 7″ vinyl disc by Robert and Miles Priestly (a previously unreleased demo for one of their Apple published songs (Just Living Our Lives) c/w Ev’rything’s Al’Right by an unknown band, taken from an Apple acetate (Apcor 5).

Artists included:
The Beatles, George Martin, Musketeer Gripwood and Third Troop, Ken Thorne, The Cyrkle, Sands, Cream, Grapefruit, Dave Grusin, The Byrds, Steppenwolf, Denis Couldry and Smile, Grenville and Weston, Ways and Means, Legay, Andy Ellison, Focal Point, Pete Kelley’s Soulution, Fire, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Promise, Roger Bunn, Caroline Powell, The New Inspiration, The Nerve, Jackie Lomax, John Foster & Co. Black Dyke Mills Band, Mary Hopkin, Frank Sinatra, Turquoise, Cinquetti, Zoot, The Web, Jigsaw, Moving Finger, Gene Rockwell, Dr. John the Night Tripper, The Steve Miller Band, Kenny Rankin, James Taylor, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Blonde on Blonde, The Doughnut Ring, The Iveys, Eddie Thornton and many, many more.



Beatlefan, November 2015

The 910, Fall 2015

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